Montag, 22. Oktober 2012

Still not earning?

Hello my fanbox friends and fans

  • So you landed here because you are still not earning with fanbox?
  • You earn but you like to earn a little bit more?
  • You want to increase your fanbase and blog readers?

In this blog post I will not talk about categorizing and rating. I think there are enough other posts about that and you already know how to do this.

I want to talk about some basics for social networks and things you can do besides and out of fanbox. Some pretty simple steps and tasks to gain more reader and maybe also some students. Sounds good?

Here we go! 

1. Picture

The first thing I saw and I was wondering about are some pictures from fanbox members. Some guys even don't have a picture uploaded. I highly recommend to upload a personal picture. People want see to whom they are talking and who wrote the blog they are currently reading. 

2. Facebook

I read some people don't want to spam their friends with fanbox stuff. I understand that. I created several lists in FB and I declared to which list my business posts will be readable. Only this list can see your posts when you declare is correctly. When I get a new contact for business, I put him on my business list. My friends and family cannot see the posts fanbox send to this business list.

3. Twitter

Similar to Facebook can Twitter increase your blog traffic and readers. You can tweet your blog post every day. Make it interesting and put the link to your blog post in it. You should also use hashtags (twitter keywords). A tweet should always include: A short text - your link - keyword(s)

'How I earned my first $200 with fanbox #fanbox'
'Weight Loss Challenge #weightloss #diet #health'
In the second example you see more keywords. It works similar to the search terms when you start a blog or categorize and rate a blog. But you should just use one word since spaces will not work. Do not forget the '#' in front of your hashtags (keywords).
When you now search in twitter for '#fanbox' you will find some tweets around and about fanbox. It is also very helpful to find people with the same interests.

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Dienstag, 24. Juli 2012

Weight Loss Challenge

I want to share my experience about losing weight with my fans and friends.

I am not a fat man but I got a little belly in the last years mostly because I like to cook and I like beer. So I thought it is time again to do something. I am not a great jogger and don't like it. I wanted to start some exercises and weight training again, but not body building. I also wanted to try something different as usual. My approach was to get maximum of repeats with less weight to burn more fat.
(Normally I use 8-14 kg weight ie for arms, shoulder, back or more for the breast.)

 I started with 88 kg some weeks ago. The main goal was to get 100 repeats... Share on APSense

Freitag, 15. Juni 2012

My Fanbox Experiences and Earnings

My Fanbox Experiences and Earnings

I have joined Fanbox a few weeks ago because Bradley Matthew, my teacher, told me that I will like it and I should sign up. Bradley Matthew Since he is a honest online marketer I did sign up and became a Fanboxer. Great idea! I have not much experiences with blogging or writing articles. Sure, now and then I wrote an article, but nothing special...

Looking around and reading other blog post it seemed like Fanbox was an easy money maker. I categorize some blog posts and made some mistakes doing it. The same with some ads I launched. Just some simple newbie mistakes and still learning from other Fanbox blogs...

Surprised by a message from my Fanbox Success Coach who asked my some question, I could not understand what she want. Tara Miilu
My apologize for that Tara. She sends me another message after some days and this time I was able to understand not only because I have read some more good posts about earnings and how to guide's.  She helped me to understand Fanbox much better.

From the first day I faned each Fanboxer I saw and I had read a blog from. That was smart because I know the benefits of connections from other social networks....

Boosting was the simplest thing to graduate. I made my first $5 knowledge booster campaign via paypal and saw my earnings the next day. 

I can say that I really like Fanbox. I have earned over $200 so far with my blog post, Ads for my blogs, Ads for other blogs and products and some knowledge boosting.
You can see my recent earnings in this picture below.   

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Montag, 14. Mai 2012

Green Smoothies II

Green Smoothies II

Why green leafy vegetables?

Green Smothies II

1. High micronutrient content

 The micro-nutrient content of green leaves is far superior to those of our usual staples such as cereals, potatoes, milk or meat. If by "Green Leaves" is mentioned, it is not so much lettuce as this is very poor in minerals and vitamins, but those green leafy vegetables, which are characterized by a very high micronutrient content.

These include wild vegetables, herbs, sprouts and green vegetables culture. In addition, the leaves of carrots, radishes, turnips and beetroots are used.

They are much richer in protein, rich in minerals and vitamin-rich than their beet or tuber, so that it would be a shame to throw away the green. The leaves of the beetroot for example, contain eight times as much calcium, three times as much iron and magnesium, six times as much vitamin C, nearly 200 times as much vitamin A and 2,000 times as much vitamin C as the beetroot tuber.
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Dienstag, 8. Mai 2012

Green Smoothie I

Green Smoothies - the perfect meal

Green smoothies are the perfect meal for modern humans, where their health is important. With green smoothies healthy diet makes a lot of fun. The taste of green mixed drinks made ​​from fruits, green leafy vegetables and water are delicious cooked in a flash and deliver highly concentrated and vital nutrients in their natural form.
Green Smothies I 
Green smoothies are highly concentrated vitality and nutrient suppliers

For people who do not Like Salad 

You do not like green leafy vegetables? Then green smoothies for the ideal solution in order to still be able to enjoy all the fantastic benefits of green leafy vegetables for your health bring. Green smoothies are perfect for a healthy diet. Green leafy vegetables taste namely - packed into a smoothie - just wonderful.

  The discoverer of the green smoothies: Victoria Boutenko

Green smoothies have been discovered by the Russian-born Victoria Boutenko, who now lives with her family in the United States. A few years ago the whole family Boutenko suffered from various health problems. Victoria's husband had a very painful rheumatoid arthritis and a so-called progressive hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid progressive).

Victoria herself was diagnosed with heart disease, which had been her father died and her two children suffered even at the tender age of the teenager agonizing symptoms of chronic diseases. Daughter Valya struggled since birth with asthma and son Sergei was a diabetic (type 1).

Several doctors agreed finally agreed that the family would have to come to terms with their disability Boutenko. Of course, there would be wonderful drugs, with which one could try to alleviate their suffering a little, but it would be a chance for a cure now not really. Victoria Boutenko want to accept it not, and went in search of a solution.
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Sonntag, 29. April 2012

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Is there money in the list?

To build you list and start with email marketing will lead you into more sales and referrals. Email marketing is easily accomplished with many programs and sites and it is inexpensive and designed to make it easy for non-technical users. It always allows you a cost effective way to stay connected to customers and prospects by leveraging customer data and analytics to Email Marketingachieve greater value. Email marketing is not just for online businesses. It is one of the oldest existing forms of online marketing. By tracking campaigns over time,

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Sonntag, 22. April 2012

Help People with a loan


We are a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions.
  • Help other People
  • Alleviate Poverty
  • Create Opportunity around the World
  • Non-Profit Organization
Kiva - Help other People now 
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